A part of Nyera’s work will be to upgrade existing facilities and infrastructure to contribute to the Energy Transition. Nyera is looking to invest in three European refineries to transition the facilities’ existing infrastructure, both in terms of energy efficiency and emissions reductions initiatives, and to develop logistics and supply chain capabilities for commodities such as green ammonia and green hydrogen.


Nyera is exploring the potential to increase the biofuel component in the marine fuels used by the company by leveraging on our strengths in biofuels and blending in key maritime hubs (e.g., ARA). The targets and goals outlined in this document represent the formalization of Gunvor’s path in the context of the “Energy Transition.”

Gunvor Refinery Ingolstadt

(GRI) In coming years, the refinery will undertake focussed projects on heating systems and exchangers to continue improving its energy efficiency and reduce its emissions. A planned turnaround will take place in 2023 allowing additional reductions. Specific projects will be undertaken on key units, including the Fluid Catalytic Cracker unit, improving efficiencies, reducing emissions and power consumption. GRI is currently in the process of completing the last phase of its project to provide heating to the local Ingolstadt community, which reduces the Ingolstadt area’s carbon footprint by 10% of the refinery’s emissions.



100% Feedstock used in Biodiesel Plants Certified Sustainable

75% Eco vessels in time charter fleet by 2022

100% Eco vessels in time charter fleet before 2027